Monday, April 18, 2011

Cookeville Open House, Friday, April 22  


Not to be outdone by the Knoxville Grand Opening -- Our Cookeville Annual Open House is this week as well.

WHEN: Friday, April 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

WHERE: 1410 Imperial Drive, Cookeville, TN 38501

MORE INFORMATION: Call our Cookeville office at 931.432.0569

Here's the list of vendors and brands that will be attending our Cookeville Open House:

You're Invited to Comfort Supply's Knoxville Grand Opening  


You are invited to attend Comfort Supply’s grand opening at our new Knoxville location. 

DATE: April 21, 2011 (This Thursday!)

TIME: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

LOCATION: 608 Business Park Lane, Knoxville TN 37932

We opened our Knoxville location for business earlier this month. The warehouse and store will offer everything that residential and commercial contractors need to install and service HVAC equipment. Join us in celebrating this new branch; there will be food, product demonstrations and, as always, good company.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Samsung Mini Split Gift Card Promo  


Buy any Samsung Mini Split, Get a $50 gift card from Bass Pro Shop or Walmart, your choice.

Offer good April 15, 2011 – May 31, 2011. (Must be stock item, while supplies last) Prizes will be awarded in June.

Available at all Comfort Supply locations.

Item #               Description                                BTU

                          Heat Pump 1 Zone 
AQV09             INVERTER 20 SEER R410 A              9,000
AQV12             INVERTER 19 SEER R410A               12,000
AQV18             INVERTER 17 SEER R410A               18,000
AQV24             INVERTER 15.5 SEER R410A            24,000
AQV36             INVERTER 15.0 SEER R410A            36,000

                         Samsung Vivace
                         Heat Pump 1 Zone
AQV12VB         INVERTER 19 SEER R410A              12,000
AQV18VB         INVERTER 17 SEER R410A              18,000
AQV24VB         INVERTER 15.5 SEER R410A           24,000

Recycle. Get Rewarded.  


DYNACYCLE Refrigerant Recycling Program

Help the environment, while getting paid to recover R22.

As the market price of R22 increases, you earn more for each pound of R22 that you recover. You will receive the value of your recovered gas in the form of a credit from Comfort Supply. Monthly updates are provided on the value of your recovered R22.

It's SIMPLE. Sign up for the DYNACYCLE program. Bring your R22 recovery cylinders to your Comfort Supply. Receive your credit, good toward any purchase.

  • Program turns a cost center into a profit center
  • Comply with EPA regulations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • EPA-compliant reports supplied at no charge
  • Help secure a supply of R22 to prevent future shortages
  • Lightweight composite cylinders available
  • NO Freight Costs
  • NO Minimum Quantity
  • NO Obligation to purchase refrigerant
  • Simply drop off recovered R22 at Comfort Supply and GET PAID

Call For Entries  


Contracting Business Magazine Quality Home Comfort Awards

Contracting Business Magazine recently contacted us to give us the heads up that our residential contractors are eligible to enter the 2011 Quality Home Comfort Awards. Entries are due May 6th. 

About the contest: Projects that qualify for this competition are either retrofit or new construction jobs where mechanical systems technology is applied in a creative way to solve customer comfort and/or health issues in a cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient manner. The technology used isn’t the key to a winning entry: how it is applied and commissioned is. Remember: quality and comfort are vitally important. Also, homeowners must agree to allow a photographer to visit to take some photos of the home and the equipment.

Benefits of winning: Winners receive a registration to Contracting Business' HVAC Comfortech show ($625 value!), a feature article, the award and help marketing the award, via press releases and logos.

Executive Editor for the magazine, Terry McIver, can walk you through the application process if you get stuck. Terry can be reached at

The contest guidelines at the top of this webpage. They are titled "2011 QHCA Entry Guidelines."

I know that your work absolutely qualifies, so enter today!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Use New Tactics & Sell More Humidity Control Equipment  


Check out our most recent article in HVAC Insider about selling humidity control equipment. For your convenience, we've transcribed the article below. We also received some great (and exactly right) feedback from Victor McCauley of Roscoe Brown about the article that we've amended below.

Thanks for reading and keep the feedback coming!

Our Article:

Traditionally, sales of humidifiers and dehumidifiers largely depended on the location and season of the sale. If a contractor lived in the southwest or it was winter, they’d sell humidifiers. If it was the southeast or summer, they’d sell dehumidifiers.

Nowadays, new, tightly constructed buildings and retrofitted older structures are changing the sales formula. It could be the heart of winter, and your home could be too humid because your double-paned, insulated, weather-tight windows don’t let the dampness from your washing machine, shower or dishwasher escape.

We suggest selling humidity control equipment based upon your client and building type, instead of location and season. This change will open new revenue avenues and opportunities.

If your client is elderly or has children, bring up the health benefits of maintaining a stable humidity level. According to Mayo Clinic, low humidity can cause dry skin and sinuses, itchy eyes, cracked lips, irritated nose and throat and colds. High humidity can bring on allergies and asthma. A central unit can guard against all of those symptoms and keep your indoor air at the preferred 40-60% humidity range.

Use lifestyle cues to discuss the pros and cons of different types of equipment. For example, a client with small children may avoid purchasing a steam humidifier, since hot water can cause burns, but an elderly or asthmatic client may prefer steam since it produces less airborne allergens than many cool-mist humidifiers.

If your client is affluent, explain that proper humidification can help protect valuable furnishings. High-ticket items like art and paintings can peel or chip if air isn’t humid enough, or grow mold if air is too humid. Fixtures, furniture and woodwork can warp if humidity isn’t controlled, and warping gets worse if you have gas heat. Dry air can cause static electricity, which can damage electronics.

If your client is money conscious, suggest that they test their space with a hygrometer at different times during the day to determine if they need a humidity control solution. Mention lower-price options, like cool-mist humidifiers.

If the building is a new home or commercial space, remind your client that the contractor most likely used humidity control equipment to stabilize the floor and trim during construction. Post-build, good humidification is needed to keep doors and windows latching correctly and floorboards aligned.

If your client already has a humidification system, make sure the unit fulfills all the client’s needs. Discuss the limitations of a freestanding unit and suggest a whole house solution. You should also check to see if the existing equipment needs replacement. Over time bacteria and mineral deposits can build up on units and cause them to get dirty. Dirty units can make your clients sick.

According the EPA, on average, Americans spend about 90% or more of their time indoors. As an HVAC service provider, you can help make that time more pleasant and comfortable.

Mr. McCauley's Feedback:

Your story about humidity in the HVAC Insider was close, but you left out some critical stuff. The new, tightly built homes need fresh air pumped in on purpose. That brings up another humidity problem during the months when there is no call for cooling and it is raining outside. During that time a dedicated dehumidifier is required. Tight home also have a chemistry problem. Most of the common products of construction off-gas a bad chemical soup that will hurt small kids and the folks who are chemically sensitive. If new homes aren't ventilated according to the new ICC 2006 Energy Code (seal tight and ventilate right) things can get out of hand and the builder can get in trouble. 

To be comfortable today controlling humidity by maintaining the same level every day is the only way.

You need to add humidity during the winter and let nature ventilate the home when it is cold. During the summer when there is a load your unit should run long enough to control things. But wait, what if you use a programmable stat with it set back to 80 degrees all day and doesn't get to run long enough before night time set back to affect the humidity because you have a high efficiency unit that satisfies the sensible temperature too quickly? This is becoming more common. Don't listen to the equipment guys, their standard product just can't control humidity in this area. Fuzzy stuff will start to grow where you don't want it to. 

So what is the answer? You need to get your good contractors to explain to the good home owners that they need to add a steam humidifier and ventilating dehumidifier controlled by the new Honeywell Prestige IAQ stat in every home in Tennessee in order to be comfortable when you upgrade equipment or build a new place. For homes with finished basements or sealed crawl spaces this is a no-brainer.