Thursday, June 9, 2016

Earn Your Customers a $50 Gift Card with Samsung Smart Whisper Ductless A/C Purchase  



Summer is officially upon us as temperatures begin to climb into the 90s and maybe even beyond! To keep your customers cool and to show you how much we value you, we’re offering the Samsung Smart Whisper ductless air conditioner with a $50 Samsung gift card for homeowners now through July 31.

We want to give our contractors quality products that keep them satisfied – and Samsung’s Whisper Smart air conditioner meets these standards.

Here are a few of its great features:

  • The mini-split system works without any ductwork and provides fresh, clean air.
  • It provides cool, temperature-controlled air while using the smallest amount of energy possible, almost 30% less energy than duct-based systems.
  • The unit works with the Samsung Smart Home app on smartphones, which gives users the freedom to adjust the temperature and maintain efficiency while away from home.
  • The 10-year warranty allows your customers to use the product for many years with the peace of mind that it’s protected. Customers must register their product online with Samsung.
  • It isn’t bulky or oversized and its ductless design makes it easy and quick to install.

Don’t miss out on this offer – get your customers their $50 Samsung gift card reward today. It’s only available until July 31 from Comfort Supply, just in time to make sure your customers are prepared to face off against the summer heat.