Friday, April 15, 2011

Call For Entries  


Contracting Business Magazine Quality Home Comfort Awards

Contracting Business Magazine recently contacted us to give us the heads up that our residential contractors are eligible to enter the 2011 Quality Home Comfort Awards. Entries are due May 6th. 

About the contest: Projects that qualify for this competition are either retrofit or new construction jobs where mechanical systems technology is applied in a creative way to solve customer comfort and/or health issues in a cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient manner. The technology used isn’t the key to a winning entry: how it is applied and commissioned is. Remember: quality and comfort are vitally important. Also, homeowners must agree to allow a photographer to visit to take some photos of the home and the equipment.

Benefits of winning: Winners receive a registration to Contracting Business' HVAC Comfortech show ($625 value!), a feature article, the award and help marketing the award, via press releases and logos.

Executive Editor for the magazine, Terry McIver, can walk you through the application process if you get stuck. Terry can be reached at

The contest guidelines at the top of this webpage. They are titled "2011 QHCA Entry Guidelines."

I know that your work absolutely qualifies, so enter today!

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