Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We've Added Kidde Detectors and Alarms to Our Product Mix  


We are excited to announce today the addition of Kidde to our product line. The Wood River, Ill.-based manufacturer of residential and commercial controls and security products offers a complete line of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Kidde is the world’s largest manufacturer of fire safety products. In offering Kidde fire and carbon monoxide alarms, our contractors can protect their customers against these dangers in their homes, just as they already protect them from health and safety problems caused by heat, humidity, poor indoor air quality, etc.

Kidde products that Comfort Supply currently stocks include:

Fire Sentry Battery Operated 4’’ Smoke Alarm
·      Uses ionization sensing technology.
·      Provides an early warning signal in the event of a fire hazard.

Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm
·      Easy-to-install and suitable for all living areas.
·      Provides a loud warning signal against the dangers of elevated carbon monoxide levels.

AC Powered, Digital Display, Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm
·      Detects and stores data of concentrated CO levels as low as 11 and up to 999 PPM.
·      Easily installed in any AC wall outlets.

Battery Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarm
·      Provides two important safety devices in a single unit.
·      Includes a voice warning system that announces the hazard type detected.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Comfort Supply's Open House Events Come to a Close Friday at Nashville's Open House  


Friday's open house in Nashville marked the end of our annual open house events this year and we can't thank our friends, customers and vendors enough for joining us. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did.

If you have any questions about the vendors you visited at any of our open houses, or anything else, we invite you to pay us a visit or give us a call, or visit our website at As always, we're here to help.

Photos from the 2013 Nashville open house held at the Lane Motor Museum:
Photos also viewable on our Facebook page

Jim Eades, Blevins; Jim Carper, Blevins; Tim Kentner, Blevins; Brad Blevins, Blevins; and Clay Blevins; Comfort Supply

Billy Jobe, Comfort Supply and Jay Hammond, GeoExcel

Shooting for discounts

Josie Slattery, Comfort Supply

Ogden Rattliff, Comfort Supply and Roger Daniel, Shupe-Carboni

Bay Melson, Rapid Recovery; JJ King, Comfort Supply; and Dan Melson, Rapid Recovery

Jeff Owens, Interstate AC and Jorge Alvarez, Gray Flex

David Butler, Comfort Supply; Josh Lee, Comfort Supply; Brad James, Precision Supply; and Mike Mann, Comfort Supply

Alex Alcarez, MK Mechanical; Jerry Mobley; MK Mechanical; and Terry Davenport; MK Mechanical

Jim Hannabach, Comfort Supply; Rocky Cothron, Comfort Supply; and Bill Bauschke, Comfort Supply

Wayne Dube, Comfort Supply; Morris Johnson, Kimbro Mechanical; and Tim Haggard, Interstate AC

Terry Stewart, Service Experts; PJ Jones, Service Experts; David Gardner, Service Experts; Ronny Shirley, Hiller; and Paul Sellman, Service Experts

Monday, April 15, 2013

Knoxville's 2013 Open House Event  


A big thanks to all those who joined us at our annual Knoxville open house last week, including Corky's who provided a tasty BBQ and fish lunch. 

It was great to see so many familiar faces. Luckily the rain held off until after the event and we were blessed with beautiful weather and good company.

If you missed the event, here are a few pictures from the day. You can also view these images on our Facebook page.

Billy Jobe, Comfort Supply; Dennis Mahan, Arctic Heating and Air and Mike Mann, Comfort Supply
Dale Jennings and Cliff Dyer with Corky's

Matt Torrence, Karns Mechanical; John Jacob, Admiral Heating and Mike Jenkins, Karns Mechanical

Johnathan Dade, Ruud and David Sosna, Comfort Supply

Tony Burks, General Aire and Jorge Alvarez, SnapRite Manufacturing

Lunch catered by Corky's

Jim Fitzgerald, Rectorseal and Scott Miller, Kidde

David Thomas, Thomas Sales and Renee Leverette, Honeywell

Frank Green, Leone-Green and Associates and Ogden Rattliff, Comfort Supply

Jason Scott and Padraic Duffy with Service Experts

Tim Monroe, Comfort Supply; Allen Carmichael, Matlock Mechanical; Danny West, West Heating and Air Conditioning and Tony Gwinn, Matlock Mechanical

Clay Blevins, Comfort Supply; Tony Burks, General Aire; Matt Reiners, Shupe Carboni & Associates and Ogden Rattliff, Comfort Supply

Allen Carmichael and Tony Gwinn with Matlock Mechanical

David Sosna and Alphanso Allen with Comfort Supply

Allen Carmichael and Tony Gwinn with Matlock Mechanical

David Spencer, MK Russell and Abbott and Billy Jobe, Comfort Supply

Tedra Thomas, Maria Parker and Tom Thomas with A-1 Certified Service

Jordan Ramseur, ASG and David Parise, Mainstream Engineering

Tony Sparks, Clay Blevins and Mike Mann with Comfort Supply

Brandon Lemons, Ralph Easterday and Associates and Mel McNeer, Comfort Supply

Alphanso Allen, Comfort Supply

Charles Cornett, Comfort Supply and Danny West, West Heating and Air Conditioning