Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saving Energy with the Black Hawk Power House  


Energy costs are something we’re all thinking about these days. Whether it’s astronomical prices at the pump or the cost of cooling homes during a sweltering Tennessee summer, businesses and homeowners alike seek ways to reduce usage and save money. That’s why at Comfort Supply, we’re excited about the amazing Black Hawk Power House.

The Power House power conditioning system, by Black Hawk Energy Products, installs on a building's electrical system. The small box boosts, balances and regulates voltage rates during all phases of electrical consumption. It gives home and business owners an opportunity to reduce energy and maintenance costs by reclaiming electricity normally lost to the ground.

The Black Hawk Power House has been wildly popular among our customers. And why not? It’s a safe, efficient way to cut energy costs for homes and businesses.

Here’s how the Power House works: The voltage of electrical current drawn into a building ebbs and flows, depending on the demand on the grid. When the voltage spikes, appliances will send the excess electricity through a ground wire dispersing it to the earth. When voltage is low, appliances struggle to pull enough power to do their jobs. The Power House captures voltage that would normally go to ground and recycles it into the building's electrical system. When voltage fluctuates, the flow into the building remains more level. The result is a reduction in kilowatt consumption, appliances that run at peak efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and reduced peak demand loads. All of which leads to lower energy bills.

Aside from the obvious advantages of lower electricity bills, customers also appreciate the green angle. Using power more efficiently and not losing so much to a ground wire means equipment and appliances last longer with lower maintenance costs. It also lowers peak demand on available energy and helps entire communities have a more stable power grid.

In addition to the obvious savings, the Power House increases the capacity of a building's electrical panel by allowing it to run cooler and protects all equipment from basic electrical surges. The unit, which weighs about 50 pounds can be installed nearly anywhere because it runs cool and requires no special ventilation.

The Power House must be installed by a licensed electrician and is available in both residential and commercial voltages.  Learn more at BlackHawkEnergySaver.com today.