Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Sell to High- and Low-End Homeowners  


This may not come as a surprise to some, but according to a recent front-page story in The New York Times, the middle class is steadily eroding. Because of this, upscale, high-end products and services are thriving, as are the lowest-end of the market, while businesses and products that support the middle are shrinking.

What does this mean for HVAC contractors?

Your business should create a strategy to target the high- and low-end markets separately. As the article says, you can accomplish this by “chasing richer customers with a wider offering of high-end goods and services, or focusing on rock-bottom prices to attract the expanding ranks of penny-pinching consumers…You don’t want to be stuck in the middle.”

Let’s break down these two, distinct business strategies.

Selling HVAC to high-end homeowners:
-       Emphasize value: Industry regulations continue to push the HVAC industry to focus on high-efficiency models. These premium models have higher SEER and EER ratings and result in lower electricity bills for homeowners. While premium models are often noted for their increased efficiency, the comfort these models provide often goes unsaid.

The concept of “comfort” cannot be ignored or undersold. Make sure your customers know about the benefits that accompany many premium products. For example, high-end air conditioners often come with variable speed fans—so homeowners don’t feel the on/off of the air conditioning or heater.

Two-stage furnaces also provide homeowners with a similar comfort. They offer mild heat and don’t broil as hot as other furnaces. They use two levels of natural gas, making homeowners’ homes more comfortable during the winter season.

A remote sensor is a great accessory to offer high-end homeowners. With the ability to automatically control the temperature in each room in the house, remote sensors provide homeowners with a smooth, flowing temperature throughout the house so they don’t have to suffer from one room being hot while the other is cold. These products pair well with our Honeywell thermostats.

-       Provide excellent service: For many high-end customers, exceptional customer service isn’t an added bonus—it’s expected. Let these customers know the commitment you have to providing top-notch service—from product selection, to installation and maintenance.

Selling HVAC to low-end homeowners:
-       Focus on competitive prices: Because penny-pinching customers are looking for the best deal, they’re most likely not as concerned with the service accompanying your products or the value of things that come with premium models. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still offer great products and excellent service, just that it doesn’t need to be the main thing you promote.

To reach these customers, offer sales and promotions on products and equipment. Penny-pinchers are often “brand agnostic,” meaning they don’t care what brand they get, or where they get it—they are looking for the best deal available.

Another good approach to satisfy penny-pinchers’ bargain hunting is to sell them original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for their existing HVAC equipment. For example, our partnership with Neuco, an OEM vendor, gives you access to non-warranty OEM parts. Now, if a customer complains of a non-warranty part you installed for them breaking, you don’t have to worry. Bring the problem to any Comfort Supply location and we will get you a replacement through Neuco.

Let us know how these tactics work for you, and if you have any additional strategies to share.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Save Big During Comfort Supply’s Spring Specials  


Spring Parts Promotion, Ruud Consumer Cashback Rebate and JB & Associates Warranty Program Discount

At Comfort Supply, we’re kicking off spring with three promotions.
Spring Parts Promotion
March 15 – May 31
Purchase $500 of any products listed within our 2014 Service Parts & Supplies Special booklet and receive promo pricing now through May 31, 2014. Products include:
  • System flushing
  • Contactors
  • Transformers
  • TripSaver motors
  • Thermostats

Ruud Consumer CashBack Spring Rebate
April 1 – June 30
Take advantage of our CashBack Spring Rebate when you purchase a Ruud heating system, cooling system or individual unit component now through June 30, 2014. You could save up to $1,200.

Your savings will depend on the eligible Ruud products purchased. Your instant rebate will be applied as a discount at the time of purchase – instant savings with all the comforts Ruud has to offer! Contact your local Comfort Supply store today to find the solution and product that’s best for your customers.

JB & Associates Warranty Promotion
April 1 – June 30
We recently introduced our new warranty program with JB & Associates. Sign up for the new program by June 30, 2014 and receive $100 off your first system. For the length of the extended service contract, your customers are covered against all unexpected repair costs of a mechanical breakdown—parts and labor.
Register with us at Comfort Supply to take advantage of these savings.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brian Beasley Named Murfreesboro Branch Manager  


A big congratulations to Brian Beasley, who was recently promoted to branch manager of our Murfreesboro location at 511-B Middle Tennessee Blvd.

Brian brings more than 20 years of HVAC industry experience to his new position, the last two of which have been with Comfort Supply as an inside salesman. In his new role, Brian will spearhead inventory control, team management and sales.

His experience is unparalleled, and our clients and the entire Comfort Supply team value his focus on customer service. He is well respected and deserving of the branch manager role. We are lucky to have him.

Prior to joining Comfort Supply, Brian was a member of the inside sales team for CC Dickson, also located in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Richie Washam Joins our Knoxville Location as Warehouse Manager  


Join us in welcoming Richie Washam to the Comfort Supply team. 

Richie joins us as warehouse manager for the Knoxville location at 608 Business Park Lane. He brings more than 25 years of experience with residential and commercial HVAC installation and service to our team. Prior to his appointment as Warehouse Manager, Richie was a lead mechanic for Florida-based Curley Heating and Air.

Richie knows our products and cares about great service. We condsider ourselves lucky to have such an experienced and dedicated warehouse manager joining us.