Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Honeywell's RedLINK Internet Gateway  


Honeywell’s RedLINK Internet Gateway: Controlling Comfort on the Go

When summer heat hits and cooling bills start to rise, many homes and businesses tend to sacrifice comfort in order to lower costs. Here at Comfort Supply, we help our customers (who help their customers) control the climate and reduce energy costs with Honeywell’s RedLINK Internet Gateway, or RIG. 

Honeywell Total Connect comfort services connect HVAC systems to the Internet, allowing users to monitor and adjust temperatures with an iPhone, iPad or PC via Honeywell’s RedLINK Internet Gateway.

I use this app on my iPhone and iPad to control the temperature in my home. On especially cold mornings this past winter, I was able to stay warm in bed without getting up to adjust the thermostat – I simply reached for my iPhone from the nightstand and used Honeywell’s RIG to increase the heat before I got out of bed. Now that spring has arrived and temperatures are rising again, I can monitor and adjust my home’s temperature on the go, all from my mobile devices. With this app, I can save money and energy by not cooling the house when no one is home.

With Honeywell’s RIG, I can make adjustments to my home’s temperature in the office, at lunch, and even in traffic. It used to take a while for things to get comfortable when I reset the temperature after getting home, but with the Honeywell RIG I can make adjustments ahead of time, and my house feels great as soon as I walk in the door - without the expense of heating or air conditioning my house all day to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

In addition to adjusting temperature, Honeywell’s RIG mobile app lets me set up alerts to notify me when temperature or humidity reaches pre-set levels.

Honeywell Total Connect comfort services offers the app free of charge, with no monthly fees.

Ask one of our Comfort Supply sales team about it and check it out for yourself!