Monday, July 30, 2012

Join Us in Welcoming Mel McNeer Our New Geo Auditor  


We are happy to announce that energy and geothermal expert Mel McNeer has joined Comfort Supply.

Mel will lead our geothermal efforts, getting the word out about new geothermal technologies and products and maintaining an inventory of geothermal equipment to support dealers. He will work out of our Knoxville location at 608 Business Park Lane.There’s a potentially large market for geothermal supplies in Knoxville, which is only going to continue to grow as the housing market comes back. 

Mel most recently worked for East Coast Metals as a geothermal sales engineer. He also has a background in manufacturing management.

Here at Comfort Supply, we think it's important to find ways to continue promoting and educating vendors about geothermal, as it’s one of the primary industries still benefiting from government rebates and incentives. Mel in his new position will help us spearhead this initiative.

McNeer has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from West Virginia Institute of Technology (now part of West Virginia University). He also has an MBA from Purdue University.

Thanks Mel, and welcome to Comfort Supply.

Monday, July 23, 2012

G3: The World's First Straight-Through Geothermal Heat Pump  


We are proud to announce the addition of the G3 modular geothermal system to our product line. Created by GeoMaster, LLC and part of GeoExcel’s geothermal systems, G3 is the world’s first straight-through, multi-position modular geothermal heat pump.

G3 is field adaptable into seven configurations: left, right, up, down, split, horizontal and straight-through. Since the product can be configured onsite, it fits many applications where typical geothermal heat pumps would not.

The system is very flexible and easy to transport. This lets contractors carry a minimum number of products to service all customers. It eliminates unnecessary stocking of equipment and is great for the retrofit market.

It’s a three-piece unit, with fan, compressor and A-Coil sections that have multiple air flow configurations. The G3 is the only product in the market with a straight-through option.

The system comes in three-, four- and five-ton units, and is outfitted with ECM2 fan motors, a Copeland UltraTech compressor and circuit boards with diagnostics. “The compressor is in the middle of the unit as opposed to the bottom, which makes extremely quiet compared to traditional units,” Hammond said.

The product is ARI rated and Energy Star endorsed. It is manufactured by Bard Manufacturing Company in Bryan, Ohio. To learn more, contact your Comfort Supply sales rep.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Introducing Ruud Photo Rewards  


With our new Ruud Photo Rewards program, you receive credit you can cash in against tool purchases.

Simply take photos of yourself installing Ruud equipment.

Here’s how it works:
  • Use your phone or camera to take a photo of yourself installing Ruud equipment
  • Email the photo to Comfort Supply to earn credit you can cash in against future tool purchases
  • Each photo earns you $5
  • Your company can earn up to $200 annually
You can submit photos three ways:
  1. Instantly from your phone by emailing Include the following information: Your name and company; The date of the installation; The address of the installation
  2. Email from a computer at your home or office
  3. Print out the photo and mail it to Comfort Supply at 305 Arlington Ave., Nashville, TN 37210, or drop it off at the counter the next time you’re at one of our locations

Call our Nashville location toll free at 1-800-467-4235 or email us at to learn more.