Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Marketing Tips for HVAC Contractors  


Making sure your business is heard above the noise of your competitors can be difficult. Here are some marketing tips to help your company stand out from the crowd. Take a look:

Source: Wasi ahmed02
Social Media

Social media is a very important outlet for connecting with today’s homeowners – 68% of all U.S. adults use Facebook, according to Pew Research Center. Maintaining an active presence on social media will help your customers recognize and remember your company the next time they need a contractor. Here are some tips for using social media:

·      Post regularly: To stay top-of-mind, it’s important to post at least a few times each week.
·      Share relevant content: Pay attention to current trends (i.e. energy efficiency or “going green”) and upcoming weather changes to ensure the information you’re sharing is relevant to your target audience.
·      Include audio & visual elements: The inclusion of visuals – especially those in color – increases a person’s willingness to read something, according to a report by Xerox. So one of the best ways to catch someone’s attention on social media is through pictures and videos. Include these regularly to interest your followers and increase engagement.


Your company’s website is often the first impression someone will receive of your business, so it’s important to keep it regularly updated and easy to use. Here are some tips for making your website attractive to visitors:

·      Use a visually appealing design: Be sure to use consistent color schemes and font choices throughout the site. And because visuals are so effective at drawing people in, consider including graphics, photos and videos to break up the written content.
·      Add value for visitors: Use your website as a place to offer maintenance tips and answers to frequently asked questions so homeowners view your website as a resource, not just a marketing tool. Don’t forget to also include your company’s contact information and hours of operation.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is another effective method of reaching homeowners and can be done through a variety of media, including mail, email, text messages, catalog distribution and more. Here are some tips to creating a direct marketing campaign that works:

·      Verify the mailing list: Take the time to ensure your mailing list is complete and up-to-date. According to Marketing Today, the mailing list is the most important element of a successful direct marketing campaign, and failing to use an up-to-date list decreases your chances of reaching your target audience.
·      Include an offer: A successful direct marketing campaign should sell an offer rather than a specific product or service itself. Offers could include free estimates, free demonstrations or discounts.
·      Follow up: After starting your campaign, be sure to follow up with the contacts on your mailing list. Your marketing materials may have piqued their interest, but sometimes they need an extra nudge to act on your offer.

We hope these tips will help you make 2017 your company’s most successful year yet! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Are You Complying with the DOE’s Latest SEER Regulations?  


Last year, the Department of Energy (DOE) introduced new regional standards to increase efficiency ratings. Under the new standards, contractors in the Southeast region* are responsible for keeping detailed documentation of all split-system central air conditioners they sell. Contractors must keep this information on file for four years from the date of installation. As we approach the New Year, here is a reminder of exactly what information you are responsible for maintaining.

Source: Rheem
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Homeowner information:
    • Name
    • Address (street, city, state, zip)
    • Phone Number
    • Date of Installation
  • Information for the distributor from whom you made the purchase:
    • Name
    • Address (street, city, state, zip)
    • Phone Number
  • For new construction, the following information is also required:
    • Builder information:
      • Name
      • Address (street, city, state, zip)
      • Phone Number
      • Address of Installation (lot number, subdivision name and street name, if known)
  • For multi-family construction, the following information is also required:
    • Builder information:
      • Name
      • Address (street, city, state, zip)
      • Phone Number
      • Address of installation (complex name and unit number)
        • Note: It is very important that the unit number matches the model and serial numbers exactly. If you are audited and these numbers do not match, you will be fined.

In the event of an alleged violation against the regional SEER standards, the DOE will request to see documentation. Failure to produce the correct documentation may result in a fine.

Staying up to date on the new regulations and what they mean for your business is key. To ensure you understand what information you need to keep on file, we’ve created a form with editable fields you can fill in. To download the form, go to www.comforttn.com/files/2483/File/Customer_Information_Sheets.xlsx or ask your local branch manager for a copy.

*This is the first time the new DOE standards have varied regionally. For the purpose of the customers we serve, the information included in this blog relates to contractors installing equipment in states across the Southeast region: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, or Virginia or in the District of Columbia. For regulation information pertaining to the “Southwest” or “North” regions, please click here.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mark Your Calendar: Comfort Supply’s Holiday Hours  


As we approach the holiday season, we want to remind you which days our branches will be closed. The following closures apply to all Comfort Supply locations unless otherwise noted:

·      Thursday, Nov. 24 – Closed for Thanksgiving
·      Friday, Nov. 25 ­– Closed for Thanksgiving

·      Friday, Dec. 9 – Closed for inventory
·      Saturday, Dec. 10 – Nashville branch closed for inventory
·      Friday, Dec. 23 – Closed for Christmas
·      Saturday, Dec. 24 – Nashville branch closed for Christmas
·      Monday, Dec. 26 – Closed for Christmas

·      Monday, Jan. 2 – Closed for New Year’s

Happy holidays from all of us at Comfort Supply!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Join us in Welcoming Jason Barnes, Matt Sellars and Congratulating Andre Bond  


We’re excited to welcome two new members to the Comfort Supply team, Jason Barnes and Matt Sellars, and pleased to announce Andre Bond’s promotion. Jason and Matt have joined the Clarksville and Murfreesboro branches, respectively, and Andre is at the Murfreesboro branch. We enjoy watching our team grow in number and in experience, so we are thrilled with these recent position changes. Continue reading to learn more about these young men and their new roles with Comfort Supply.

Jason Barnes, Clarksville:

Q: What is your new job title?
Jason Barnes (JB): Warehouse worker

Q: What duties will you perform in this position?
JB: I will pull orders and make sure the correct products are gathered for our customers.

Q: What was your previous job?
JB: I was a Sergeant in the United States Army.

Q: Where were you stationed?
JB: Fort Campbell, KY

Q: How long were you there?
JB: Six years

Where are you from originally?
JB: Trion, GA

Matt Sellars, Murfreesboro:

Q: What is your new job title?
Matt Sellars (MS): Warehouse worker and delivery driver

Q: What duties will you perform in this position?
MS: I will help maintain the warehouse by pulling and then delivering products to the customer.

Q: What was your previous job, and what duties did you perform?
MS: I worked for Clopay Plastics as an extrusion line operator.

Q: Where was that company located?
MS: Nashville

Q: How long were you there?
MS: 17 years

Where are you from originally?
MS: Woodbury, TN

Andre Bond, Murfreesboro:

Q: What is your new job title, and what position did you hold previously?
Andre Bond: My new position is counter sales; prior to this I worked as a warehouse driver.

Q: What duties will you perform in this new role?
AB: I will handle customer service at the front counter and help with things in the warehouse.

Q: Where are you from originally?
AB: I’m from Brooklyn, NY.

Q: How long have you been at Comfort Supply?
AB: Two years and ten months

Q: What attracted you to joining Comfort Supply?
AB: I knew Rob Warpool and heard about the great benefits that Comfort Supply offers its employees.

When you see these men, be sure to show them your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to Comfort Supply!