Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Now Offering the Samsung Quantum and 360 Cassette  


Colder weather is approaching and we’re gearing up to keep your customers warm and comfortable this season. We strive to provide the highest-quality HVAC products, so we’re excited to offer the Samsung Quantum mini-split air conditioner and the 360 Cassette.

The Quantum is a 17 SEER unit that provides optimal cooling with minimal energy consumption. Using digital inverter technology, the Quantum is able to provide powerful cooling and reach the maximum power level two times faster than traditional mini-split systems.

Quantum highlights and features:
  •         Reduced energy consumption with the world’s first 8-pole compressor
  •         Automatically adjusts power according to variations in temperature
  •         Optimizes power usage when cooling to reduce energy consumption
  •         Single-user mode uses less compressor capacity when cooling for one person
  •         Comes with a 3-Care Filter to clean and freshen the air
  •         Optional wired controllers (simple and programmable) are available – additional components required

The 360 Cassette is the world’s first circular cassette, which solves the issue of uneven heating and cooling caused by the traditional 4-corner design. With internal booster fans, the direction of the airflow is controlled without blades, reducing air loss caused by blade interference. Supplying 360 degree, even airflow, reduces hot and cold spots in the space providing ultimate comfort.

360 Cassette highlights and features:
  •          Prevents cold drafts by circulating air evenly
  •          Cools 25% faster than a 4-corner cassette
  •          Bladeless outlet prevents air loss
  •          Superior design that meets functionality

To learn more about these new products, stop by your nearest Comfort Supply branch or give us a call. You can also see these products—plus many more—in our online store.

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