Friday, July 29, 2016

Introducing a New Geothermal Product Line for Your Customers  


We’re excited to introduce to you our new geothermal line – GeoStar, a division of WaterFurnace. Clean energy isn’t just good for the environment – it’s efficient and affordable. 

GeoStar products use renewable sources of power to help your customers with their budget and their comfort. The geothermal systems tap into the free energy stored beneath the earth’s surface, so the operating costs are almost always lower than those of conventional HVAC systems.

We strive to carry the highest caliber of products to meet and exceed your expectations  and your customers’. GeoStar meets these standards with its highly efficient technology. Check out some key features of this energy-efficient line we’re proud to offer:

  • Provides $5 of heating for every $1 used – that’s four times better than conventional furnaces and AC
  • Results in a savings of up to 70% on utility bills
  • Produces greater comfort with slow, steady temperature regulation
  • Reduces noise and clutter – no visible outdoor equipment required
  • Powered by clean energy – so it doesn’t burn fossil fuels or produce carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide
  • Provides precise distribution of comfortable air year-round – so your customers won’t have the hot or cold spots that are common with other systems

Be sure to check out the entire GeoStar line to find the best cooling or heating system for your customers and to learn more about its advanced, efficient system. Visit or today.

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