Thursday, October 2, 2014

Four Ways Comfort Supply’s Online Store Makes Ordering HVAC Supplies Easier  


Here at Comfort Supply, we’re constantly finding ways to improve. Whether it’s through our rebate promotions or exceptional customer service, we’re dedicated to making life easier for the contractors we work with on a daily basis. Our online store is just one way we are able to do that. Here are four ways that using the online store makes ordering HVAC supplies easier than ever.

1. Keyword Searches

Using the search bar located at the top-right corner of the screen, you can locate specific HVAC products by using keywords associated with the product or manufacturer you’re looking for. The search page will only display the products or brands most relevant to your keyword search. For a more specific search, contractors can use our advanced search option to search by item number, manufacturer number or exact phrase and any/all word matches.

2. Account Management

Our online store allows you to manage your business through various tabs under one website, including the ability to view order histories, invoices, statements and payment info. Under the “Jobs/Lists” tab, you can create organized lists for specific projects or product categories. If you aren’t ready to order, you can always save the kit you’re working on for later use. The saved content will be available to view, update or purchase at another time.

3. Mobile Site

We recently optimized our online store so now you can order on the go using your smartphone or tablet. The easy-to-navigate pages let you find the products you need quickly, which makes ordering HVAC supplies a breeze. We’re happy to offer you a more convenient way to make purchases and get your customers the products they need quickly.

4. Same Day Delivery

We know you’re busy and need products fast. That’s why we guarantee same day delivery on orders over $500 placed before 10 a.m. To qualify, all products must be purchased from the same Comfort Supply store. With this feature, you can place an online order in the morning and have the materials ready to go before your afternoon appointment.
Since launching in 2013, our online store has made ordering HVAC supplies easier for you and the clients you serve. It’s our goal to make your job easier, so please provide your dealer consultant with feedback about your experience with our online store.

To get started, set up a Comfort Supply account here. As a special thank you for using our online store, we’re offering 10% off your first order, so sign up today!

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