Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sleek, Savvy and Silent? It Must Be a Daikin Mini-Split.  


As a wholesaler, we take pride in stocking quality HVAC products, which is one of the reasons that last year we decided to start carrying Daikin mini-splits.

As the global leader and innovator in home comfort, Daikin has turned air conditioning into an art form. Here’s what some of what our customers have been saying about Daikin’s products:
  • “Not only are customers more likely to purchase the mini-split, but the installation is a breeze,” said Dennis Hargis of Hargis Heating and Air.
  • David Trumbly from Petrie One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning conveyed similar sentiments, “Daikin is by far the easiest mini-split I have experience with.
You may be wondering, what other qualities besides easy installation sets the Daikin mini-split apart?

“The sleek, almost decorative look of the Daikin mini-split appeals to customers more than similar makes and models I’ve sold,” said Hargis.

Its modern design gives the unit a clean, sophisticated look that any homeowner would be proud to have. Some may even want to show off their new unit rather than hide it! And for those who aren’t quite ready to embrace the mini-split as a living room embellishment, they need not worry thanks to the quiet nature of this savvy device.

In fact, the mini-split requires such low maintenance that its household presence could easily be forgotten if homeowners weren’t reminded monthly about how much money they’re saving by conserving energy with Daikin.

To learn more about Daikin’s mini-splits, download this sales sheet.

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