Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Customer-Friendly Warranty Choices  


Ruud's Protection Plus® Program

A Chance to Make Your Customer's Life a Little Easier

We understand the overwhelming feeling that follows the presentation of paperwork. Whether it's the unfamiliar jargon that fills the page, or the sheer mass of certain documents, "paperwork time" can easily become "second-guessing time."

To make this process easier for your customers, Ruud has recently implemented improvements to its Protection Plus® extended service program. The changes streamline consumers' choices and create a simple, easy to read and understand plan that outlines nine warranty options available for commercial and residential Ruud units. 

The recent changes to Ruud's Protection Plus® extended service plan —which distill 20-plus pages down to just a few pages—make it easier for customers to understand their warranty choices and decided what plan makes most sense for them.

We hope these changes will encourage more homeowners to take advantage of the great benefits that the Protection Plus® program has to offer. Your clients will benefit from Protection Plus® in many ways. 

  • Not only will the new program allow your customer to extend their limited warranties on Ruud equipment for up to 10 years; the plan also covers 100% of the cost of parts and labor, alleviating them of stress over unexpected repairs.
  • In addition, this program will give you an opportunity to build strong, long-lasting customer relationships since Protection Plus® requires annual maintenance on covered equipment.

Contractors interested in learning more about the changes to the Protection Plus® program, including tactics they can use to explain the program to their customers, should contact their Comfort Supply salesman or call their local Comfort Supply store. 

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