Thursday, January 26, 2012

HVAC Web Apps and the 21st Century Tool Belt  


Comfort Supply has enjoyed sharing a new toolset to make life easier for HVAC industry professionals: HVAC Web Apps. We've teamed up with KB Watson Enterprises to provide contractors with a suite of cloud-based calculators.  These tools are designed to simplify the most common tasks performed at worksites by HVAC comfort advisors, system designers, installers and service technicians. 

The platform of cloud-based Web apps – including residential load calculation, residential equipment selection, residential duct design and more – runs on any device with a Web browser. Even better, you don't have to have an iPhone or an iPad to use it. Any mobile device with an Internet connection will do.

Watching the trend of fewer and fewer technicians carrying bulky laptops to worksites has been a sign of the times in our industry. Devices such as iPhones, Android smart phones and tablets have become tools on the HVAC technician’s belt.

We're mindful of that at Comfort Supply, and we've sought to evolve with new technologies like the iPad and HVAC Web Apps. We're a better, more efficient company for it.

Our own sales pro Wayne Dube had this to say about his experience with the apps:

“The best thing about the platform is that it combines a bunch of tools in one location. You don’t have to have a refrigerant chart or a pipe size chart, for example, when you’re at a worksite. Calculations that used to take contractors up to an hour to compute now take about a minute. It’s a great training tool for the industry and the next step for bringing our industry into the IT age."

We look forward to hearing from our customers about their experiences with HVAC Web Apps. 

A beta test site for HVAC Web Apps is live at

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