Thursday, September 29, 2016

Introducing Comfort Supply’s Newest Team Members  


We’re excited to have Chad Tremblay, Howard Bridges and Zach Blaylock join Comfort Supply, the newest members of our Knoxville, Franklin and Clarksville branches, respectively! We recently sat down to get to know them and discussed their new positions. Read on to learn about their responsibilities and why they chose to work for Comfort Supply.

Q: What is your new job title?

Chad Tremblay (CT): Counter sales
Howard Bridges (HB): Warehouse worker and delivery driver
Zach Blaylock (ZB): Warehouse worker and delivery driver

Q: What duties will you perform in this position? 

CT: I will perform counter sales, outside sales and operations support.
HB: I will ensure orders are pulled correctly, deliver orders and maintain the warehouse.
ZB: I will pull orders from the warehouse and deliver them to the customer.

Q: Do you have any relevant certifications?

CT: I’m a lead inventory planner, regional forklift trainer and was the safety lead at my previous job.

Q: What was your previous job, and what duties did you perform?

CT: I worked for Carrier Enterprise as the operations manager where I handled all shipping & receiving, logistics and inventory.
HB: I used to work for Denny’s as a cook and dish washer.
ZB: I was an assistant manager for Saffire Vapor and handled customer service and sales.

Q: Where was that company located? 

CT: Knoxville, TN
HB: Fairview, TN
ZB: Nashville, TN

Q: How long were you there? 

CT: 13 years
HB: Two years
ZB: One year

Q: Where are you from originally? 

CT: I was born in Toledo, OH and moved to Knoxville in 1997.
HB: I’m from Hickman County.
ZB: I’m originally from Nashville.

Q: What attracted you to Comfort Supply? 

CT: I worked with Alphonso Allen at a previous job and heard Comfort Supply was a strong, growing company.
HB: I used to perform installations and Mark White told me about an opportunity with Comfort Supply.
ZB: Some of my family members work for Comfort Supply, so I knew good things about the company.

We’re proud to have these two working with us. Be sure to welcome them the next time you see them!

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