Thursday, February 27, 2014

Keywords Make Finding Your Products Even Easier  


  Learn how to search for products and manufacturers by keyword in the Comfort Supply webstore

We know that a few of our contactors have asked about keyword searching in the Comfort Supply webstore—here’s how it works.

You can search our entire catalog online with an easily accessible search bar, located in the top-right corner. Simply type in a keyword for the equipment or manufacturer you’re looking for and our webstore will search the entire online category for you. It will display only those products or brands relevant to your keyword search.

 You can also click the ‘Search Catalog’ tab for a more specific search. This feature allows you to search by item number, manufacturer number, exact phrase or keywords.

If you haven’t used our online store yet, register today. It’s free, simple and convenient. Learn more by downloading our guide to getting started.
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