Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Comfort Supply Offers EGIA Membership & Financing for HVAC Dealers  


We are pleased to announce that Comfort Supply has partnered with the Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA) to offer new financing and a contractor benefit program for our customers. We will be EGIA’s first Energy Partner group member in Tennessee.

By providing EGIA membership and benefits for our customers, we can offer contractors one of the hottest financing packages out there. EGIA’s GEOSmart Financing Clearinghouse takes the hassle out of financing and helps our customers get the advice that they need in one convenient location. Coupled with the kickoff of our contractor benefit program, we’re truly excited about the growth opportunities this partnership opens up for our dealers.

EGIA is a nationwide nonprofit organization with over 15,000 independent members and affiliated companies. Through its Energy Partners program with manufacturers, distributors, utilities and government, EGIA provides member contractors the tools, training and networking to accelerate their business growth and profitability. EGIA also supports utilities and government in achieving their goals related to the development of sustainable markets for energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services.

Dealers who enroll in EGIA will have access to the Financing Clearinghouse and GEOSmart consumer financing. This provides a wide selection of consumer financing packages, including no payment, no interest programs, government backed loans and financing for credit challenged customers.

EGIA membership also includes access to the Leadership Academy, a monthly seminar series taught by industry experts. Seminar topics include sales, marketing and operations best practices for contractors, for example:
  • Diversify or die: Strategies to diversify and grow your business
  • Is your price right? Exploring pricing strategies
  • Repositioning your business as a whole house specialist

As an added bonus for dealers, Comfort Supply will cover customers’ $250 EGIA membership fees until December 2013.

Contractors interested in learning more about the Comfort Supply/EGIA partnership can visit There you can find details about available member benefits, instructions for membership signup and applications for the financing program.

The program kicks off Sept. 1, 2012.

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