Thursday, October 6, 2011

Comfort Supply Announces New Product Line: MonoFoil  


We're happy to announce that all Comfort Supply locations have started carrying MonoFoil, by Coeus Technology.

What is MonoFoil?

MonoFoil is an antimicrobial that when applied to a surface will protect that surface against molds, fungi, bacteria, algae and mildew.

How can MonoFoil help your customers?

MonoFoil can be applied to HVAC system components (insulation, coils, fans, walls, frames, filters, etc.)

Take, for example, air filters.

Air filters are part of the front-line defense for dealing with microbial problems in your customers' homes and offices. Fungi and bacteria thrive in air filters because they provide the moisture, nutrients, temperature and surfaces that these microorganisms need to survive, grow and reproduce. Humidity of the air being filtered leads to moisture, and the filter medium, finishing compounds, fibers and binding agents are receptive surfaces and nutrients for microorganisms.

When sprayed on a filter, MonoFoil can make that filter more efficient by protecting it from abnormal fungal and bacteria growth. This in turn reduces household dust and odors. Also, ASHRAE tests have shown that treating filters with MonoFoil doesn't negatively affect the filter performance, i.e. it has no affect on the filter's trapping capabilities.

What are MonoFoil's features?
  • It's odorless and colorless
  • Non-toxic
  • It doesn't gas or pollute the surrounding environment
  • Contains no heavy metals, phenols or arsenic
  • It permanently bonds to target surfaces
  • Can be applied to almost all interior surfaces
  • Long-lasting
It's effective, affordable, safe (it won't create the much feared "superbug") and easy to apply.

How can I learn more?

Contact your local Comfort Supply sales rep, and we will be happy to fill you in about all the details regarding MonoFoil.

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