Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Go Green or Go Home  


It's been a year since we started our Certified Green Contractor program and it's going great! Three companies have qualified for the program so far: J&J Heating & Cooling, Total HVAC and Temp Control LLC.  

Why should you go green? Green initiatives can help bring in new business. More and more customers are looking to their HVAC contractors for environmentally conscientious options.

Ollie Johnson, co-owner of J&J Heating & Cooling, said, “Green business was up last year. It seems that customers are interested in anything that J&J can do to save them money and lower their energy costs. Any program that catches customers’ attentions and gets them interested in your company is a good thing.”

In addition to our Green Contractor Program, we recently launched the Rapid Recovery Program. The DYNACYCLE Refrigerant Recycling Program gives you store credit, good towards any purchase, in return for your R22 Recovery Cylinders. To learn more about Rapid Recovery read this blog entry on the program.

To help your company get green, we've compiled some resources on our website. We've gathered all sorts of information regarding our Certified Green Contractor Program, green contractors, green equipment and green news all in one place.

Think your company has what it takes? Interested in working towards becoming the next Comfort Supply Certified Green Contractor? Contact your local Comfort Supply salesperson, or call 800-467-4235 to get started.

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