Monday, March 21, 2011

Comfort Supply Goes Green in Schools  


The Nashville Business Journal's 3/18 "Spotlight on Education" included an interview and information on Comfort Supply's in-the-works partnership with LEAD academy. Read the full article here.

Details about the Comfort Supply/LEAD partnership: 

We are currently in exploratory conversations with LEAD’s Cameron Middle School campus to create a “Geothermal classroom” to educate kids about energy and energy efficiency. We have inspected the building’s current HVAC equipment and are fleshing out the partnership details. 

We chose LEAD because the school is in the process of taking over Cameron Middle School, which is the closest school to the Comfort Supply offices at 305 Arlington Ave. Cameron also serves primarily underprivileged kids. We want to support our local school, community and LEAD. As a charter school, LEAD’s a place where new ideas in education are going on; our involvement with green education could tap into that.

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