Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Services Contracts Can Keep Business Moving During Slow Months  


The pace of business slows for HVAC contractors during the milder months of the fall, and in moderate climates like Middle Tennessee’s this can make for a couple of seemingly long months.

By offering service contracts, HVAC contractor customers can keep business coming in during the slower times of the year. If a customer has set up a service contract, they can schedule routine maintenance during the slow fall months and keep their crews busy.

Usually service contracts include priority treatment for customers and a discount for the homeowner when a repair needs to be done.

The homeowner benefits from having a clean, energy efficient HVAC system, and the contractor benefits from the steady income.

The best way to sell a service contract is to be honest – tell the homeowner that preventative maintenance cuts down on repair costs and can reduce their utility bills. Mention to them the full cost of repairs for a list of HVAC replacement parts if they were not covered by a service contract when the repairs needed to be done.

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