Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Updated and Additional Tax Credit Offerings  



Gas Furnaces

Ruud is pleased to announce an update to the Tax Credit forms for gas furnaces that qualify for the "Advanced Main Air Circulating Fan" credit. After reviewing the costs associated with these models it was determined that they qualify for a tax credit up to 11.1% of the installed cost of the furnace, not to exceed $1500.00. The specific percentage for each qualifying model is listed on the Tax Credit forms available at http://www.ruud.com/ Each model is different and it is important to visit this site to verify the correct percentage.


Ruud is also pleased to announce additional Tax Credit qualified condensing unit systems. Our 14AJM and UAPM models are now qualified through 4 tons with select gas furnaces and air handlers. Please see the Tax Credit forms available at http://www.ruud.com/ for specific combinations that are qualified for these credits.

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